Woke Up In Paradise
Illustration, Direction, Branding
May 2021

“Woke Up In Paradise" is an open art edition disguised as a silky scarf, measuring at 45 inches. The scarf is printed on soft, light satin-faced fabric in a rich green. The figure is surrounded by multicolored flowers with a yellow logo, finished with white baby hem stitching. Ready to be worn or framed—you decide. 

Thank-you cards are printed on a matte square postcard that doubles as scarf care instruction label, with a QR code leading to a sound experience imagined by DJ Hangaelle. The visuals draw inspiration from the Windows Media Player of the early 2000s, creating a new portal for us to escape to.

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You Had To Be Here
November 2023

T-shirt graphics for Kuruza Radio’s 5-year anniversary at History Toronto.

Summertime Feeling
Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding   
Holt Renfrew
August 2023

Character development and illustrative branding for a nationwide ice cream pop-up in collaboration with Somewherelse Studio.

On The Low
Illustration, Graphic Design
Shay Lia
September 2023

Cover design for Shay Lia’s latest single “On The Low” produced by Kaytranada.

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Nothing Twice
October 2022

Nothing Twice, art + tattoo experience, is an edited collection of drawings offered as one-of-one tattoos (no design duplicated), making them rare and extremely unique. With a heavy focus on line drawings, designs included flowers, chairs, figures, text...etc.

Certificate of authenticity included upon completion.

︎︎︎ Tattooed by Humblebeetattoo.

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